Content Audit A content audit is a great task to undertake when you're trying to understand a product. It's also my go-to task for redesign projects.

As sites grow, businesses (can) let content organisation slip or seem to lack cohesive unified approaches when it comes to maintaining and organising content as new content is developed and the business begins to scale-up.

The reason content organisation is so important is because it's essentially the story you're trying to tell.

As a brand, a business or an individual, you need to let people know who you are, what you do, why they should trust you and what you'd like them to do to next.

A content audit at any stage will reveal underperforming content, routes and gives you the ability to fix it. Using the findings, you can boost your engagement, conversion rates and provide a superior customer experience.

Content audits are relatively easy to do these days as many tools have appeared on the market to make this task less laborious and time-consuming.

Most of them uncover duplicate content that can lower a site's search engine ranking and broken links that can damage your site's experience and again lower SEO rankings.‌

For example, I used Siteliner in the production of the new CNN style website and for a project, I did with Opus energy.