Case study: CNN Style

For us to transition the style section to a full editorial vertical. We had to pull in news and features on fashion, design, architecture, arts, auto-motives and the luxury sector from all other parts of the website.

We began by compiling a spreadsheet listing all the content and assigned the following to each line:

  • ID number: so we could process the content and review where things needed to move during migration.

  • Page Title: to see if they needed to be updated to follow modern SEO best practices.

  • URL: to see if they needed to be updated to follow modern SEO best practices and to create redirects.

  • Site navigation layer: to see how traffic flows to the content through navigation

  • Content-Type: to evaluate whether it is fulfilling its purpose more effectively.

  • Character Count: Tracking character count and comparing it to engagement rates can help answer this question for your business.

  • Author: noting the original author of the content will give an indication of ownership.

  • Topics/Keywords/Metadata: Topics, tags, keywords, alt attributes on images, and all other pertinent metadata should be noted for each piece of content to verify that they are both adequately optimised for SEO, as well as organised in a fashion that helps enhance the user experience.

  • Last Updated: tracking content changes by time will help you identify the pages which haven’t been touched in a while and could potentially remove or consolidate.

  • Broken Links: content with broken links are one of the worst possible disruptions to your UX; every link on every page should be manually verified during a content audit.

We then worked with content owners to validate the content under the following criteria:

  • Purpose: Does the piece still serve a purpose? Does it provide a need for the reader and does it give them what they need quickly?

  • Accuracy: Is the content 100% accurate? Does is provide supporting information and data to back up any statements.

  • Design: Does it still fall under our style/brand guidelines, is it worth creating a superior user experience?

  • Intended Audiences: What type of content is it? Is it for fashion, design, architecture, arts, automotive or luxury readers?

RESULT - We had an indication of how users could get to get to the content - Where content would sit within the new Information Architecture - What pages should be removed - Whether content need to be revised - Which content needs to be written due to gaps - Where content should be mapped to if being moved or if it requires redirects