AI personality design

Creating a personality for your AI is essential. Why, because it is the voice and face of your company. Neglecting to think about the tone of voice, visual design and micro-interactions of your automated assistant can have a detrimental effect on brand perception, conversion rates and customer retention.

Think about it, if you walked into a store and the shopkeeper started yelling at you, you’d walk straight out. However, if the shopkeeper gave you space while you were browsing and then became attentive when you needed help, you’d consider visiting again or even make a purchase.

I learnt a lot about AI and predictive intent modelling while working at [24], where I helped businesses support their customers at every point of the consumer cycle with AI Technology. Below is a presentation I put together, which goes through the landscape of AI Chatbots, the reality of creating one and examples of developed personality that people resonate towards.

A lot of companies have not defined personality up to this point, as character creation has to be done on a case by case basis. It's expensive. However, personality sells, so it will pay for itself if you get it right.