Module 3 - GDD730

In this module, there are two assignments: one, maintain a Development log as evidence of our individual contribution to the work and two, Demonstration and Pitch, where we showcase our final artefact.
This means our team must plan and implement a pitch deck that communicates the team concept in front of a live audience. Then, finally, submit a recording that showcases the main features of our final artefact.
Similar to other modules, we must also maintain an ongoing journal and include consideration for:
  • Research
  • Any significant findings of the chosen theme(s)
  • Specialist practice
  • Team coordination
  • User testing
  • Reflection
  • Anything else you feel is relevant
As evidence of everything, we did to support the team, not just the work that made it into the final project.
My ongoing journal will be composed of (at least) two posts per week, one discussing my contribution to the final artefact and the other discussing elements of research and self-reflection.
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