Week 11

Post 1: Case study structure

Abstract Our learning objectives for the week are:
  • Apply a framework for presenting your design decisions.
  • Explain the nine common rationales for design decisions.
  • Explain the value of narrative in UX design.
  • Identify the tenets of good storytelling.
  • Structure and present a professional case study.

Post 1: Case study strawman

I've structured many case studies in my time and, through experience, have structured my cases studies as follows:
  • Situation - Background on the project and why this project has originated
  • Problem - The problem we aim to solve
  • Approach - How we aim to solve the problem
  • Design - Examples of our ideas
  • Content - The narrative and content inside the product
  • Sustainability - How we aim to make the project sustainable
  • Result - Either a prototype of the finished product
  • Next steps - What needs to happen next
Mainly because it speaks to all audiences, and people can review the section that relates to them. I rarely talk about technology, but that can be inserted into this structure when working collaboratively.
The case study is literally a summary of my CRJ over 15 weeks and can be found here
Find A Side case study

Post 2: UX-Prototype Visual Design

I spent a lot of this week on the visual design aspects of my prototype—sourcing and finding imagery, creating cards for each topic and sourcing iconography.
The colour palette chosen was blue as it represents harmony and peace. Our product also needs to do a lot of trust-building, which blue also envokes.
The typography used was standard iOS fonts SF Compact. Mainly due to device compatibility and lack of time to create a custom font.
I was also unable to explore the branding to any level of depth that would make the product ready to ship within the timeframe—only exploring an app icon while putting the case study together.
I could not explore the micro-interactions to a level of depth that indicated the product had a personality. But I was able to source illustration unDraw, imagery from unSplash and iconography from nounProject
Undraw is an open-source community managed website where designers, developers and content creators can find the images for their projects. Noun Project is a community-run platform where designers can download and contribute to a global Icons library.
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