Case study: Tourism Ireland

We ran a workshop with the client and conducted expert interviews to gain an understanding of where the product is right now. Their audience, the problems they were having and how they might improve areas they had control over.

The method we used was 'How Might We' note taking. Using post-its and reframe the problem into a question so that we could later group and vote on areas to focus on as a team.

We began to stick all the sticky-notes randomly on the wall and asked the team members to start calling out patterns/categories e.g. "marketing", "logistics", "communication".

The team began moving the HMW notes under those categories (so it was easy to read through them all one category at a time.

Once we'd collected the challenges from the team we wanted the team to choose which ones we wanted to focus on for our next sprint.

We gave everyone two voting dots (the decider gots four dots) to choose which HMWs are the most important to solve.

RESULTS - Focus on working better with our influencers - Integrate user-generated content (UGC) better on the platform